We understand the difficultly of decorating the outside of your home safely and to a good standard when the correct equipment isn’t available and the correct products aren’t chosen. That’s where we come in, offering our professional solutions to the exterior of your home.

We assist you in selecting paint that is durable and long lasting, not only enhancing your maintenance but saving you money in the long term. We have experience in painting wooden fascias, cladding and rendering providing a sharp professional finish and injecting life back into the outside of your home. Not only this but we also regularly prime and paint the wooden window and door frames of homes, we always ensure all excess paint is removed. Our exterior painting and decorating services are all dependent on the weather conditions as this can sometimes call for rescheduling our visits.

Whether it is paper hanging a full room or a feature wall, our accuracy and precision makes us the ideal team for the job. Painting and decorating we take pride in being able to work at a speedy pace without compromising on quality. We are skilled decorating professionals and can fully strip and prime a room if required prior to hanging any paper. We are also experienced in making minor repairs that may otherwise hinder the final finish, however the extent of damage will need to be discussed beforehand as we may find it necessary to recommend another trade before we visit.

We guarantee a flawless finish in all our paper hanging and ensure our customers that all seams and corners will be flat and precise. Not only will we follow your ideas and instructions but if required we can share our expertise and make suggestions on how to wall paper to your advantage and get the most out of the room. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to discuss this service more with us, we are always eager to understand our customers projects and ideas as well as offer any advice where needed.


Spray Painting is an up-and-coming service within the painting and decorating industry. Although some traditional painters and decorators may shy away from this technique here. we embrace it as we feel it is an incredibly valuable service that can benefit our customers greatly.

Spray Painting is especially convenient for commercial properties or full room decorations where all furniture has been removed from the room as this enables us to come in and spray the whole room efficiently and effectively. It is incredibly useful, not only is it less time consuming but it creates a completely flawless finish. Due to the spraying technique there are no paint brush marks and the surface is blemish free when dried as long as the surface underneath had no imperfections prior to the spray. To achieve the same finish with traditional painting techniques would take many hours of painting. If you are interested in this service get in touch with us today.